About Us

We SNI NEWS GROUP. (Reg. With Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. Of India.) Reg. with
Ministry Of Information Broadcasting Govt. Of India.
GROUP. Is working in print & electronic Media .SNI NEWS GROUP are provided Content to Indian and
foreign print & electronic media at very large scale.

Saksham news India . Media under the brand name sni (sni news group) reg. with ministry Corporate Affairs of
India. is in the business of creating premium content and providing the same to TV broadcast networks, Online
and Mobile companies. With the demand for premium content growing and the shortage of blue chip content
providing Print & Electronic media houses in India,

We are the moderators between Public and News Channels.

We not only cover the news, but also serve investigative and exclusive News. The SNI is here to give coverage
from ground level.

SNI serves you with political, social, human interest and entertainment stories being the first one to facilitate.

Established in 2013, SNI NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY is India’s premier video news agency.

SNI offer real-time feeds, news packages or bulletins to agreed delivery and content schedules. We can also
provide clients access to a pool of web-stories for self-selection. Available on demand is diverse content on
specific topics such as politics, health, sport, entertainment, technology and finance.

SNI is accredited to the Ministry Corporate Affairs of India. Due to this SNI has Accessibility to all govt offices,
ministries & Parliament proceedings SNI is generating premium content under following verticals: News and
Current Affairs, Sports, Entertainment, special feature stories, special shows & customized content.
SNI can provide customized content to your channel depending on specific Requirements.

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